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Build Attached Garage Cost

The average cost of building an attached garage is $7,500 - $27,040.

How much does it cost to build a garage?

Adding a garage to a home can require an extensive amount of work, and for this project we will assess the cost of building an attached garage of 676 square feet (26'x26') to a pre-existing home (this is going to easily accommodate two vehicles, provide storage and even have room for a small work area). There will be only minimal "finishing" work done to the interior of the space in order to keep constructions costs in check. Garage addition projects are never considered "DIY" projects, and several contractors will be necessary for the job (concrete, carpentry, electrical, etc.).

For the garage addition, the typical costs include:

  • According to author Stu Silverman the average cost of adding a garage begins at roughly $7,500, and for a two-car garage the average costs will go much higher. This sort of structure will average at $27,040. The resale value of this update would hold at $21,635, or a nearly 81% return on investment.
  • The above figures place the garage addition at $40 per square foot. This pricing structure assumes that carpenters charge an average of $70 per hour, electricians between $65 to $85 per hour, and painters between $20 and $35 per hour. Traditionally, most homeowners tend to work with a single contractor, who identifies suitable subcontractors and pulls proper permits, for such a project.

Cost breakdown

  • Arrange any required demolition, excavation, or site preparation - Average costs are going to vary according to the level of work necessary;
  • Pour concrete footings 1 and slab - Average price of concrete is $75 per cubic yard, with piers and the full slab it that would require roughly 20 cubic yards and would cost at least $1500;
  • Build roof trusses 2 and support beam system and tie into existing house - lumber prices will vary as will the design used by the carpenters constructing the garage. The project should require 2x4 wood framing with OSB structural sheathing and a gable truss 2 roof at 6/12 pitch;
  • Asphalt 3 shingles 4 with galvanized metal flashing 5 - Average of $80 to $100 per square of 50-year shingles 4. Total cost of $800, plus installation time of at least 16 hours;
  • Install vinyl 6 siding and trim - Average price of $7 per square foot installed, and for the 920 square feet needed, this would total $6440;
  • Install five double-hung 30-by-48-inch vinyl 6 windows - Average price of $300-$700 per window, plus installation time of two to five hours per window. Be sure that the windows purchased qualify for tax deductions;
  • Install one 3'x6'8" exterior door with half-glass and lockset - Average of $250 to $1000 depending upon the style of the steel door;
  • Install two composite 9-by-8-foot overhead doors with motorized openers - Average between $399 to $899 depending upon the quality and design of the individual doors;
  • Provide electrical wiring and lighting to code - This is going to depend upon the amount of work required, and must include a 100-amp breaker at main house panel. Electricians average from $65 to $85 per hour. This project might be priced on a per item basis, or the electrician might simply base it on the square footage; and
  • Provide carpentry to code - This is going to depend upon the amount of work required, but carpenters average $70 per hour. This project might be priced on a per item basis, or the carpenter might simply base it on the square footage.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Finishing of interior walls, floors, and ceilings;
  • Installation of heating system;
  • Installation of electrical wiring for openers, three-way switching for fluorescent ceiling fixtures over each bay, and three-way switching for two exterior spotlights; and
  • Installation of gutters and eaves 7.
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Remodeling Terms Cheat Sheet

Definitions in laymen's terms, cost considerations, pictures and things you need to know.
See full cheat sheet.
glossary term picture Footing 1 Footings: A support for the foundation of a house that also helps prevent settling. It is typically made of concrete reinforced with rebar, but can also be made of masonry or brick. It is usually built under a heavier part of the house like a wall or column, to distribute the weight of the house over a larger area.
glossary term picture Truss 2 Trusses: Structural framework used to support a roof
glossary term picture Bitumen 3 Asphalt: A viscous, black mixture of hydrocarbons often used for roofing and waterproofing. It is also used in asphalt for paving roads
glossary term picture Shingle 4 Shingles: A smooth, uniform, flat piece of construction material, available in a wide variety of materials and laid in a series of overlapping rows, used to cover the outside of roofs or walls to protect against weather damage and leaks.
glossary term picture Metal Flashing 5 Metal flashing: A thin sheet of metal used around the edges and junctions of the roofing material,such as around a chimney or vent, to prevent water from entering the structure through those joints
glossary term picture Vinyl 6 Vinyl: A synthetic plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Vinyl has many applications in the construction industry and it is widely used in sidings, window frames, roofing and gutters, among others
7 Eaves: The edge of a roof that connects with the wall of the building. Usually this part of the roof comes out further than the wall

Cost to build a garage varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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